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Leading With Essential Presentation Skills  

  • Fire up your presentation skills.

  • Channel a radiant public self.

  • Speak with a clear impactful message.

  • Add spell-binding stories.

  • Take charge of your presentation structure.

  • Speak with clear intention.


Leading With Essential Influencing Skills  

  • Switch from instinctual to strategic conversation-shaping.

  • Maximize PUSH and PULL approaches.

  • Play well with personal power.

  • Reframe any conversation with finesse.

  • Enhance your credibility.


Leading Change 

  • Integrate the concepts of John Kotter's into your leadership.

  • Create early commitment and strategic alignment.

  • Deliver messages that connect with those you lead.

  • Draw the line, increasing accountability.

  • Craft a robust feedback structure.

  • Develop a strategic thinking mindset.


Leading with an Impactful Change Message 

  • A program founded after the Kotter Model of Change Management.

  • Create a change message that resonates with your target audience.

  • Deliver a message that energizes your audience to carry the change forward.

  • Learn specific skills to move the hearts and minds to create a momentum of change.


Leading With Emotional Intelligence

  • Interact with the various aspects of emotional intelligence and specific behaviors to increase leadership competencies.

  • Learn skills to increase your strengths and mitigate challenges.

  • Be assessed and discover your own emotional intelligence.


Become what you didn’t think you could be... an Impactful and Influential Leader that deeply connects with those you lead!

Our approach...


Great programs invoke cognitive and kinesthetic shifts. They invigorate. They make you want to do somersaults with excitement and apply new skills all at once. Play is not meant to spice things up, rather it is essential to the deep learning process.


These are the elements of our work...We...


Play - Drill Deep - Reflect - Integrate -Evolve