Your Personal Energy Plan

Go forth, make your resolutions for 2014. I do.

But know that everything you and I claim and envision for 2014 will be more readily attained if we are fully energized.

So – how about contemplating something else? Your Personal Energy Plan. Simple habits you commit to that will energize you and your personal performance in 2014.

Every day. Day in, day out.

Sounds good, right?

I suggest 4 Habits. One for each of the 4 Key Dimensions of our Personal Energy.

1.    Physical energy

I think of food and exercise first. Essential, yes. But how about going even more basic than that: Rest. Commit to getting the sleep you need, every night. Commit to taking mini-breaks during your day when you stop. Totally, completely stop, even for just a few minutes. Simply rest.

2.    Mental energy

Each morning as you head to work, visualize the perfect unfolding of the day. The meeting that yields a satisfying outcome. The phone call that generates new possibilities. The conflict that is resolved with grace. Our visual projection informs the tone and quality of our day. So simple. So powerful.

3.    Emotional energy

Pay compliments often and freely. Compliments that are real. Compliments that show you noticed. It is such a sweet, such an obvious habit. We feel good when we pay a heartfelt compliment. The receiver feels good. Compliments super-charge every moment and every relationship.

4.    Spiritual energy If you define yourself as a spiritual person, you likely have your spiritual habits. And if you’re like me, meditation can fly out the window really fast on a hectic day. Spiritual or not, commit to pausing for a moment each day and noticing nature. Gaze at a plant. Walk into a park. Scan the desert vista. Hear the roar of the ocean. Notice, and receive the radiant spiritual energy that nature offers!

This I know for sure: As we engage in simple energy habits, each day starts to unfold with more grace. Each professional relationship starts to resonate more deeply. Each moment suddenly gets us closer to a state of flow.

5.    Bonus energy Here’s the bonus challenge for all of you energy-hedonists – and I definitely belong to that tribe: If energy habits appeal to you, consider acquiring a new energy practice in 2014 that gets you in tune with the “big energy.” Life force. Chi, as the Chinese call it. Learn qi gong. Practice tai chi. Do yoga. Conduct your own chakra clearings. And feel your personal energy make somersaults. Thrilling.

Go forth and create a fantastically energized 2014!!!