You Talk to Yourself, Don’t You?

They’re commonly known as affirmations. The simple yet powerful things we say to ourselves to claim our highest good – radiant health, wondrous prosperity, boundless love.

I like the word self-talk. Because that’s what I am truly doing when I make an affirmation – I’m talking to myself.

I talk to my self every day.

The self-talk that I find utterly irresistible is the one that shifts my energy. Instantly. You know, when I’m about to enter a meeting and feel anxious (and being anxious is not helpful). When I feel tired (and showing up tired is not an option). When I, for whatever reason, do not care for a person (and that person is a crucial client). Yep – time to shift energy!

I feel a little funny, sharing my self-talk with you. My self-talk is my little secret. Your self-talk will be different from my self-talk. But here it is – the little phrase that shifts my energy:

I am a vibrant vehicle of light and love.

I have experimented with other versions of this phrase, but this is the one I always return to. The three key words – vibrant, light, love – are high energy words for me. They resonate deeply. The word vehicle signals my desire to let larger energies flow into me and through me.

If you haven’t worked with self-talk before, this is what I want you to get:

This little phrase works for me, every time. It shifts my energy, every time. Combined with a nice deep breath, it activates the cellular energy within me and around me that I am seeking to access.

Every time!!!

Your energy self-talk will be different from mine. Terrific. This week, experiment with combinations of words that resonate with YOU. Words that are charged with the energy you would like to manifest. Talk to yourself silently as you walk to a meeting. Talk to yourself as you get frustrated within a meeting. Repeat your phrase a few times. Breathe. And notice how the energy in your body shifts.

Yes. Instant gratification. It really is that powerful.