When Innovation Suffers At The Hands of Profits

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I admit for the last year and half, intuitively I sensed something was not right at Apple. I was bored with iPhone and no longer saw the value of the hype. Since residing partly in Galicia, Spain I was exposed to other technologies in the mobile sphere not available in the U.S. Other innovative designs and functionality was tugging at my heart, and seducing my senses. After all this used to be the foundation of Apple. It was more about imagination than mere functionality. It was about lifestyle, intuition, and beauty.

Now seeing this Youtube video on Jony Ive's departure at Apple,(https://youtu.be/bZJ-PiyUTIc) I can now see the dilemma, innovation versus financial gain. This is really an age old drama. I for one prefer to dream, be inspired, be allured by simplicity and beauty. Now that I realize what intuitively I have known, I was right in no longer paying for something because it was comfortable, or because the brand felt familiar. I wanted to be challenged and wanted to dream. I take innovation because that is what drew me in, what flirted with me in my first iPhone 4. So I will follow Jony Ive wherever he goes, and those like him. The future belongs to those who can create, imagine, and inspire. It is crucial for leaders to remember this, and not be to one-sided. You can not have sustainable profits without innovation. #innovation #leadership #imagination #inspiration