What now, another change? UGH!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

By Dr. RB Hernandez

In a survey on Harvard Business Review , about 30% of half a million U.S. employees don’t understand why changes are happening in their organization. When people don’t understand, they can’t accept, and they surely can’t drive desired change forward. When we understand, we create a thought. Most thoughts are visual in nature as well as emotionally-triggering. This means that thoughts trigger or pull for an emotional response. This, in turn, creates energy which is vital to drive the change. In other words, no understanding equals no energy for change to take place.

Assuming individuals or employees understand the reasoning of why change is needed is a big mistake most leaders make. Leaders think employees can see the destination clearly of where the company is heading, and this is not so.

Explaining the change requires using language that fits each culture within an organization. Take Sales, for example, they speak very differently than Marketing. IT has a different language than HR. The message has to be translated so that those individuals key stakeholders we need to drive the change, understand what is being communicated. So broad messages, while efficient, do not work. This would be like the United Nations ditching the translator audios in order to save money and the speaker just speaks their native language to all those in attendance…yeah, not good.

Inspiration is key, but only after a compelling vision is created and effectively communicated. This requires taking into account the language and culture of those who we want to drive the change forward can connect with.

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