Warrior Energy or Healer Spirit?

My mind has been on lofty stuff.

I have been flipping through Harrison Owen’s book “The Practice of Peace.”  Preparing to spend a week-end in New York in the company of Harrison, the inventor of a conversational framework called Open Space, and other Open Space folk who crave substantial conversations about how we make the world a better place. Yes, lofty. And, for me, highly energizing.

For years, I have been drawn to the wisdom of Native American mythology. Early in Harrison’s book I stumble on pages about the 4 power roles of the Native American Medicine Wheel. Two especially grab my fancy.

The Warrior. The Healer.

And I suddenly view them through the here-and-now lens of how you and I show up, every day. The energy we bring to every social and business situation.

The Warrior pushes the envelope. Challenges the status quo. Wishes to break with the past. Seeks new possibilities. Yearns for a different way.

The Healer is the voice of compassion. The force that nurtures the human spirit. The voice that seeks to repair that which is wrong.

The Warrior may ruffle a feather or two. Create a bit of discomfort. Invoke chaos. The Healer will soothe the wounds that may have been inflicted by the Warrior.

The Warrior and The Healer represent two different energies. Both have the power to significantly shape and shift any conversation we have.

The question in any situation: Do I need to bring my warrior energy today? Do I bring my healer spirit? Which energy will best advance the meeting, the encounter, the chat I find myself in?

This week, as you engage in your daily business, stay mindful of the energy of the conversations you have.

If necessary, shift into a different energy. Be the Warrior. The Healer. And notice how powerfully you change the direction of what unfolds.