The Smart Variations

I like smart.

And your business needs smart people. The world does.

It doesn’t need people who are too smart for their own good.

Here are some common smart variations.

Cocky smart. Impatient smart. Clever smart. Devious smart. Precious smart. Smarter-than-you smart.

The too-smart-for-your-own-good kind.

Smart will only get you so far.

We’re impressed. And then, very quickly, we’re tired of being impressed.

Yes, it’s a bitch. If you don’t share your smart you diminish your gifts and short-change your place of employment. If you go on smart-overdrive, you quickly hit the too-smart-for-your-own-good zone.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

I frequently coach very smart people who don’t connect. They need a new smart variation.

The common corporate request for the smart executive:We want you to be a more inspirational leader.

Smart is a manifestation of our inner world. Inspiration defines the desired impact on the outer world.

That’s the smart shift. From me to you. From expression to connection.

It’s the smart that cares how it lands.

Try gentle smart.

Not meek smart. Not apologetic smart. Not false-humble smart. No, gentle smart.

Show your smart. Share it. Do not flaunt it. Know when to shut up. Don’t do battle with other smart. That’s my definition of gentle smart.

Try gentle smart.

Better yet, since I know you’re smart. Go ahead and define your own smart variations.

The ones that allow you to fully tap your gifts AND serve your place of work AND inspire those who you wish to influence with your smart.

A tall order. Yes. And oh so powerful when it works.

So go ahead and define.

And then be shamelessly brilliantly smart.