The Joy of Anticipatory Joy

Anticipatory joy.

The “I can’t wait for what’s about to happen” joy.

Anticipatory joy IS joy. Because it happens in the present moment, it fires up the present. Since it forecasts a future event, it begets even more joy. Joy multiplied.

A total win. An extended joy. And anticipatory joy is always a choice.

Last week we got ready for my firm’s annual retreat, here in South Florida. That means 3 Associates flying in from the North to join us locals. Catering a dinner party. Coordinating airport transfers. Finding a suitable retreat space. Hoping for good weather. Praying for smooth flights.

It could have been a very stressful week.

The tasks got done. Instead, I was able to switch into my anticipatory-joy-zone.

Remembering the threads of personal history that connect me with Linda, Carolyn, Zach. Anticipating the joy of greeting them as they emerge out of the throng of arriving passengers at the airport. The joy of zipping down Federal Highway, convertible top down, soaking up the Florida sun, depositing them at the beautiful Hyatt resort right off the cruise ship harbor. The joy of cavorting over dinner at our beloved Sugar Reef restaurant on Hollywood Beach.

And that is how it went. Anticipatory joy magnified these moments for me. My joy easily met their joy.

It’s how we ignite joyous flow.

Yes, anticipatory joy is a choice. Easy when we love the folks we’re about to meet. Still a choice. Tougher when head into a potentially difficult meeting. A challenging negotiation. A chat with a person we do not love.

Still a choice.

Then, especially, a choice. An energy-shifting choice. A potentially game-changing choice.  A quintessential choice.

As you go about your week, consider this question in the morning as you head to work: What can I anticipate with joy today? What would happen if I entered this moment, this meeting, this obligation with joy?

Consider it. Do it.

Revel in joy multiplied.