Thanksgiving Gratitude

This is a different kind of Energy Boost. I think of it as the Thanksgiving Special.

It’s a milestone week for me, and I want to celebrate a little. With deep gratitude – to you, and to the many amazing colleagues and clients who got me here.

Twelve years ago I launched INFLUENS, the international training and coaching firm through which you know me. This month I am launching a whole new venture, BRILLIANT BEST.

No worries, INFLUENS is not going away. We are in fact expanding, with a new Associate, Runa Bouius, on the ground for us in LA. Runa is a serial entrepreneur from Iceland and a Rockstar expert in Conscious Leadership. A perfect INFLUENS fit!

Here’s what I learned in 2004 when I conceived INFLUENS. I had a book deal to write Power Speaking, and I figured, well, the moment you have your own book you gotta have your own business. 3 life-changing things happened for me within the span of a year. I wrote Power Speaking. I finished my final year of getting a MA in Organizational Psychology and International Relations at NYU. And I joined a facilitated Mastermind Group to help me figure out how the heck I would launch my firm.

Finishing my MA felt like slow water torture. Writing Power Speaking was alternately arduous and electric. Participating in a Mastermind, however, was eye-opening and mind-expanding from beginning to end. It was the unexpected Win.

My Mastermind Group showed me the sonorous value of support. Agenda-less, real, at times tough support from brilliant colleagues who wanted me to excel. I absorbed their wisdom. I watched my learning accelerate. I got clarity. I performed better. Way way better.

It’s my private little joke now: I have support for everything these days. A therapist. A coach. A physical trainer. An editor for my writing. An agent for my books. I freely support the many amazing peers in my field whose work I admire. I mentor those who are just starting their journeys in the personal excellence field. Support works when we give it. Support works when we receive it. It’s a no-brainer for me.

Support accelerates success. Say it 3 times. Support accelerates success. It does it does it does.

BRILLIANT BEST is my ultimate support offering for successful C-Suite leaders – a tribe of professionals whose energy, ambition and results-focus I just love. This is the question that kept gnawing at me – how else can I support the leader who doesn’t need more coaching or another leadership class but has a fervent desire to keep lifting her or his leadership game? The longer I contemplated this question, the more swiftly I returned to the inherent gifts of the facilitated Mastermind Group.

BRILLIANT BEST is here. It is an invitation-only Leadership Laboratory. C-Suite leaders is encouraged to apply. Two groups launch in January 2017. I would be honored if you took a peek at the website,

If you’re still wondering what a Mastermind is and does, I hope the 2 videos featured below will provide some answers.

Our regular Energy Boost format returns next week. In the meantime, have a richly energized week. And if you partake in the American Thanksgiving tradition, enjoy a ridiculously satisfying Holiday meal. Warmest greetings,