Science States It Is All About Multiplex Ties

I stumbled onto Inc's magazine's article, "Instead of 'What Do You Do?' Science Says Ask 1 of These 5 Questions Whenever You Meet Someone New". My take-away from the article is how complex we humans are. I agreed with the article that deep connections require more than a connection to one area like the professional, that we so often try to connect with in our first few minutes of meeting, rather to multiple areas.

The article is great in that it provides questions one could use to get into more open-ended discussions for example, "Why do you do what you do?" or "How does doing that make you feel great?". This allows one to knock on the door of the other and provides an opportunity for the other to open the door and invite one in.

Another approach I find works well when meeting someone at an event is, "Why did you choose to come to this event?" or "What attracted you to come to this event." Again it opens broadly the conversation allowing both to have a deeper connection. It is a simple article that provides ways that result in meaningful relationships.

I do believe we are complex creatures, and social ones as well, no matter how one identifies with being introverted. To have some tools to begin a conversation that could be fruitful was what this article provided well. At influens, Inc. we also enjoy providing granular behavioral skills leaders can use to deeply connect. After all, for us at influens, Inc. it is all about connecting deeply with those you lead.