Savor the In-Between

Let’s do a Thanksgiving Podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, the impassioned originator of the Creative Warriors Podcast, says to me. Let’s talk about how we can fully savor our Thanksgiving moments.

I like the word “savor.” Love the notion of savoring moments. 

Jeffrey and I have our chat. 

I think at once about my favorite quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn:

See if you can detect the bloom of the present moment in every moment, the ordinary ones, the “in-between ones”, even the hard ones.

That’s the moment two-step, isn’t it? Detect the bloom. Savor it, all of it. 

Holiday rituals are the easy bloom, in a way. The prayers we say. The gratitude we offer. The cutting of the turkey. The sumptuousness of the smells. The slowing of time. 

Easy bloom because we know it is coming. Loaded with memory and meaning.

And yet, not preordained. We still must notice, still choose to savor.

The other bloom? It’s the bloom of the ordinary moment. The moment before and after the big moment. The in-between moment. The moment that doesn’t scream “notice me.” The moment that seems so utterly banal. 

Running to the convenience store last minute to pick up vanilla ice cream for the pecan pie.

Setting the dining table, a task we didn’t wish to perform.

The impromptu chat with the neighbor down the hall who we meet by the elevator.

The smile of the stranger in the airport waiting lounge.

The glimpse of the sun peering out from behind the clouds, for a second or two.

Moments. No inherent bloom. Ordinary moments. Waiting to be noticed. 

At a time when the world is in turmoil and the events we witness on the news are frequently unsettling, the bloom of the ordinary moment is the sweetest bloom of all. It is there all the time. Every second of every day. Uhuh. Just wanting to be noticed. 

My new book THE MOMENT: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World (New Page Books) will be out next month. It takes a microscopic look at how we know moments more richly as they unfold. In business, in life. 

Think of this week as your laboratory week. It is a perfect week for celebrating life in the moment. Slow down, just a bit. Do the moment two-step: Notice. And savor. 

All of it. The show pieces. The in-between moments. The seemingly forgettable ones. 

And decide to savor them all. 

If you wish to further contemplate the notion of savoring our moments, consider yourself invited to my conversation with Creative Warrior Jeffrey Shaw. It goes live on ITunes on Wednesday, November at 25, at 3 am EST, or catch it from 9 am EST onward at