My TEDx USFSP Talk: “Enough Already”

As you may know, I delivered a talk at TEDxUSFSP on April 4, 2017. The video of my talk was just posted on the TED channel. So today, in lieu of my regular Energy Boost, an invitation to go to TED and hear my talk.

This is the official TED description:

How do we find our Enoughs in a world which insists that who we are and what we do is Never Enough? In this poignant talk, Achim Nowak illumines how an all-pervasive and brutal sense of Not Enough begets futile effort, promotes desperate thriving, and kills joy. He challenges us to embrace a seeming paradox: As we choose a simpler enough we unleash more of our deepest potential.

Enjoy. My Boost will return in regular form next week. Have a productive, inspired and totally enough week,