It Takes a lot of Energy Not to See…

I travel a bit in my work. This often means that someone else is driving me.

Early on a Sunday morning, the sky is clear and the sun already bright. I listen to a tale my driver, Lance, tells me as we zoom North on I-405 from Laguna Niguel.

I often stand at LAX, waiting to pick up a passenger, Lance, a retired air force pilot, explains. I stand in the baggage claim area, hold up the name sign, and nobody sees me. They walk by, their faces glued to their smartphones. Yesterday, I saw a woman walk right by me five times. Back and forth. I had a hunch it was her, the woman whose name I was holding. She walked very quickly and she looked agitated. She stood three feet from me when my phone rang. It was my dispatcher, telling me she was on the other line. I said to him, “Just tell her to turn around.” 

“Did you just get here?” she said to me when she did. And she sounded irritated.

Whoa, I think to myself, it takes a lot of energy to not see what’s directly in front of us. Even more so when what we don’t see is the very thing we’re looking for.

Lance is a helper, here to tend to a passenger. The passenger doesn’t recognize her own name. Metaphors abound, right?

When I don’t see what’s right in front of me, I block the pretty. I block the ugly. I squander my energy and block the energy of life.

This week, decide to not squander your own energy. Decide to not block. Decide to see.