In Praise Of Sacred Time

It’s that time of year. Beyond the hustle and bustle, we settle into moments of sacred time.

Sacred time. We stop and remember what truly matters in our lives. We reconnect with our deeper purpose for being here, on this planet. We submit to the rituals that honor the sacred. Private reflection. Prayer. A church service. An act of service to help others. A family gathering. A conscious act of love.

We honor the sacred. We go to the well. We taste it again.

Chances are, you’re very clear on what is sacred in your family life. Sacred family time is the time we don’t negotiate away for work or other distractions. When I grew up, Dad took us out for dinner every Sunday evening, always the same restaurant. Emerson Steakhouse when we lived in Washington DC, the dining room in the Hotel Washington when we lived in Ankara. A cherished ritual. Our sacred time. You have yours. Date night with your spouse. Your child’s ball game. Movie night with your entire family. The week-end BBQ. The moments in which you celebrate the soul of your family.

What about work? It’s where we spend most of our time, after all. More time than with family, more than at church. What is sacred about your moments at work?

Harder to define, but work at its best is chock full of sacred time. Powerful when we know it and feel it. Folks who are successful in business taste the sacred more often than folks who are not. They treat work time like family time. And just like at home, they don’t negotiate the sacred away. 

What does a sacred moment at work look like for you?

– The fleeting hallway conversation that helps you feel connected? – The assignment that takes you into unfamiliar turf? – The jovial banter with a cherished customer? – The uninterrupted private time in which you dig deep into a project? – The weekly team call in which you celebrate each other? – The quiet time in which you get to dream?

Sacred time at work. It’s not a one-time event. It’s your deep sense of purpose and enjoyment that is woven into every moment of your daily life.

Simple, isn’t it? Be clear about what is sacred for you. Don’t negotiate the sacred away. Create more of it.

It’s how we make work a more sacred place for everyone involved.