How Eric Sees

Some people see. Other people see more.

Eric sees more.

Eric is Eric Garcetti, the 6-months-in-office mayor of Los Angeles. At the age of 43, he is one of the youngest mayors of a major global city.

I comfortably make my Eric-sees-more claim – because, well, we have evidence of what Eric sees. Eric is an obsessed, or shall I say obsessive, photographer. He snaps daily pics with his Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and feeds them, via Instagram, to the world.

These are not selfies or staged Chamber-of-Commerce photo-ops. No. Garcetti’s parade of photos speaks of a leader who sees more than the obvious. A bug on a museum wall. A jogger leaping high into the air. A parade of police cars crawling toward a funeral.

Eric’s pics are unorthodox. Surprising. They capture the mundane everyday stuff. The things that are easily overlooked. The essence of a moment.

Why the heck does this matter?

When I see more I have a richer experience of the world around me.

I am stirred by my surroundings.

I feel more connected.

To what is around me. And ultimately, to myself.

And that, I believe, is a very good thing.

Always. Always. Always.

This is not an exhortation to go out and snap pics with your smartphone (though I enjoy doing so, as well). No. It is an invitation to see. See the small stuff. See all that is around you and me. Be fed by it. Yes, energized.

Seeing is just another daily muscle we use. How wondrous to flex it every day. Work it, really work it.

I don’t know if Eric is a great mayor. Time will tell. But Eric Garcetti belongs to the people-who-see-more tribe.

That alone enhances his chances.

It sure beats the alternative.

You know the dictum DON’T SWEAT the small stuff? Yes, a good one. This week, toy with another dictum. SEE the small stuff.

Flex your seeing muscle. Simply decide to see more than you usually see, whatever the usual may be. Flex.

More energized days will be your reward.