Get the Urge

I urge you to …

I like the phrase. It invites quick action.

Hey, let’s do it now. Let’s do it quickly. Why wait? It was a running gag between my two holiday house guests. Johann Gauthier and Angela Goodeve.

Hey, I urge you to … They would egg each other on.

It came out of a spirit of contemplating new paths and possibilities in this New Year.

Why wait. Why not do it now? Well – I do know after years of therapy that not every urge needs to be acted upon.

I was also taught in time management classes to avoid a work-flow where too many things suddenly become urgent.

Urge does not equal urgent. It does not connote urgency.

It simply signals a compelling impulse to take action. And that impulse is a potent source of our personal energy. It’s the springboard for a highly productive day.

So, yes. Why not act with a sense of urgency, even when no one has told us that it is urgent? Why not embrace our urge to be a little more urgent?

I was struck by a comment made by Shanti Atkins, president and chief strategy officer of Navex Global, a firm which handles ethics and compliance issues:

I like to make decisions quickly. That came from being in an environment early on that was a crisis situation. I find that people react very badly to a sense of uncertainty. So I always ask myself, “If I had to decide in 30 seconds, what would I do?” (NY Times, Corner Office, 1/3/2014)

An urge to make a 30-second decision. Whoa. Atkins stresses that she will take more time on big decisions, but that even then, most of the time, her decision matches her initial 30-second urge.

Pretty darn impressive.

This week, notice you urge to get things done. Your urge to do things differently.

If the urge is there, follow through. Notice how your follow-through releases and fuels your energy. Instantly.

Yes, this week, embrace your urge to be a little more urgent. And revel in your productivity.