Get into the Happiness Business

First time I read the Disney mission statement, I was startled. Yes, startled.

We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere.

CREATE HAPPINESS. That’s friggin’ awesome, isn’t it?

Easy for Disney to say, you might say. They manufacture entertainment.

Agreed. Still awesome, if you ask me. BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT TO CLAIM IT. Tell you the truth - I'm not that much of a Disney fan. But this aspiration - whoa, it cuts right to the core.

A few months back, while hanging out with the Executive Team of a global manufacturing firm, I was struck by how much each member of the team struggled to articulate the firm’s mission.

To bypass over-thinking, I gave an impromptu assignment. 2 minutes. Come up with 2 sentences. Your notion of what the mission should be.

Write it. Claim it. And don’t discuss it away.

Folks came up with some spot-on stuff. What stood out for me, however, was a phrase coined by Alfonso, the CEO:

We’re a company where people are happy to come to work.

Is this part of the firm’s formal mission? It ought to be. Most likely not. But I thought to myself – yes, Alfonso gets it.

Happiness matters. Happiness at work matters. It matters a lot more than we think.

The happy employee wants to produce for you.

The happy employee is happy to see you.

The happy employee will go the extra-mile for you, anytime.

The happy employee spreads his happiness to others.

Happiness is the ultimate productivity-aphrodisiac.

So – the coach in me wishes to suggest some happiness actions to the leader in you.

Set yourself some daily happiness goals. As you roll out of bed, grab your morning coffee, get behind the wheel of your car or hop on the subway, consider this:

How many happiness actions will I take today? Actions whose sole intent is to make someone else happy?

I suggest 3. Aim for more if you are so inclined. Many happiness moments “just happen” at random. But your intentional happiness actions will unleash exponential good will and joy.

Happiness actions are potent anytime. They’re doubly impactful this time of the year, as we all get ready for the holidays.

Sound a bit cheesy to you?

No worries.

You don’t have to tell anyone that this is what you’re doing. Just do it.

Yes. Get into the happiness business. 3 actions a day. And watch a happier workplace unfold.