Engage with a Generous Spirit

When it pops up in every conversation it’s not a fluke. It’s a theme.

That’s what happened to me in LA last week.

I broke bread with some amazing colleagues. And every conversation settled onto the notion of personal generosity.

Two chats, in particular, got me thinking.

Marcia Ferguson, head of the in-house university for one of the large community hospitals in LA, and I grabbed a meal in our favorite restaurant in Redondo Beach. We had just reviewed Marcia’s outline for a teambuilding event she was about to host. A small team of 5.

The two women on this team, Marcia sighed, are so ungenerous. They’re defensive about pretty much everything they do. They’re competitive with each other. And it takes so much energy to engage with them.

I thought of these two colleagues. And then I thought of Marcia, who is beloved by everyone at the hospital. Yes, you want to work with Marcia. You want to engage with her.

Because Marcia is generous to the core.

Jeanne Bliss, high priestess of creating companies that are truly beloved, and I grabbed a bite in Pacific Palisades. Jeanne was adamant on the notion of personal generosity.

When I wrote my first book, Jeanne said, I gave away lots and lots of my knowledge. Any site anywhere that wanted a post from me, a tip, a blurb – I would give it to them, free of charge. I don’t subscribe to this idea that I’m in competition with folks. I believe that whenever I give generously, it will come back to me in so many unexpected ways. 

Jeanne, of course, is a highly successful business woman.

Consider yourself, for a moment. When it comes to your working relationships, do you tend to be …

–       A sharer of wisdom or are a bit of a hoarder? –       A collaborator or a bit of a competitor? –       Generous toward others or perhaps a little bit tight?

A generous spirit is the quicker path.

Generosity generates good will. It accelerates results. It invites flow. It is simply irresistible.

It energizes every business transaction you have.

This week, as you engage with your colleagues at work, ask yourself: In this moment, with this colleague, am I generous or am I just a little tight? What might happen if I chose to act just a little more generously right now?

And then heed the Nike slogan. Just Do it.