Do You Swing?

I just spent 4 days with a group that knew how to swing.

From silly laughter to penetrating seriousness. From keen questions to irreverent banter. This group knew how catch a mood. Swing with it.

I cherished the group.

Relished the mood swings.

We were gathered at a learning event outside of Frankfurt, Germany. A mash-up of individual and Euro-cultural sensibilities. Collectively, these sensibilities traveled a wide expressive range. And they knew how to swing to the ends of the road.

I consider them my Euro-swinger-friends.

Sometimes we get lucky.

We’re with folks who catch the collective swing.

Wanna be even luckier?

Swing on your own.

Be your own mood-swinger.

In show biz we call you an actor with range.

In life we call you a dynamic person.

Yes, a dynamo. Someone who swings with a mood instead of suppressing it.

Control freaks are one-note-Janes and one-note-Johnnies. They don’t swing.

Dynamos swing wide.

Not sure about swinging on your own?

Here’s how we do it.

Plan and prepare all you want – and then decide to improvise. Walk into the unfolding moment. Surrender a bit of self-control. Toss caution to the wind.

A simple place to start? Sense the rhythm of the conversation you’re in. And, pardon the cliché, go with the flow. Luxuriate in it. Do NOT contain it.

Ever watch a group of swing dancers?

The buoyancy of their movements? The wide reach of their motion? The constant rhythmic shifts?

They dance together.

And they swing on their own.

Truth is, it takes more energy to NOT swing than it does to swing.

Be energy-efficient.

Swing on your own. Swing with others.

Prepared or not, this week chose to swing in your social and business encounters. Notice the mood of the other person. Notice your own. Silly. Serious. Irreverent. Keen. 

Decide to NOT contain. Choose to mood-swing.

And choose to go to the ends of the road.