Do You Fly Singapore Aire, or Do You Fly Spirit?

Please indulge a little travel metaphor.

If you’ve ever flown Singapore Airlines, you know. The flight attendants pamper you from the second you board. They make you feel cherished.

If you’ve ever flown Spirit Air – uhuh, you have experienced the dark side of travel. A calculated disregard for your well-being from the moment you arrive. No effort – truly none – to put you in a joyful state of mind.

Imagine that every day, as you rush from meeting to phone call to networking lunch to yet another meeting, you are your own inner flight attendant. So – which airline are you flying? Spirit, or Singapore Air?

It’s easy to fly Singapore Air when I roll out of bed energized, with exciting tasks ahead. But what if it’s one of those mornings when I feel tired, grumpy, and nothing in me looks forward to what the day holds? That’s our ultimate personal energy question, isn’t it: How do we fly Singapore Airlines when our circumstances “scream” Spirit?

If my circumstances shout Spirit day after day, it may be prudent to permanently get out of these circumstances. But here are three tried-and-true ways of switching into a Singapore state of mind, on any given day:

1. Think it: Dreading my day is a powerful thought. Choosing joy, choosing fun, choosing delight are equally powerful thoughts. I may not be in charge of all of my circumstances; I am in charge of my thoughts.

2. Act It: There are many ways of accessing emotion. Here’s a sure-fire short-cut. If I start to act joyous even though I do not feel joyous, sometime soon – very soon, indeed – I will actually feel joyous.

There will be a short gap between my current state (non-joyous) and my desired one (joyous). The initial leap into my desired state may feel excruciatingly fake. Don’t judge it. Glide through the fake until the fake doesn’t feel fake anymore. Because flying Spirit Air all day is not a pretty option.

3. Project it: I consider this “Think it, Part 2.” Thought #1 decides how I will show up. Thought #2 projects the emotional landscape for my day. I can project a day of dreadful meetings and dreary conversations. Or I can project – well yes, you know …

I want to say that it takes as much energy to fly Spirit as it does to fly Singapore – but no, it takes more! Why, then, would I wish to expend more energy and receive less enjoyment in return?

This week: Be your own inner flight attendant. Conserve energy. Choose to fly Singapore Air. And watch as you reap your frequent flyer rewards. Instantly.