Constant Craving

You may be too young to remember the K.D. Lang classic: Constant Craving. Haunting, hypnotic song.

I thought of “craving” a lot last week while I was working in France. The beauty of engaging with a Europolitan group of business folks – they re-energize my thoughts on stuff I think I know.

Oliver, the sharp and super-insightful German Operations Manager of a global manufacturing giant, gave me a little linguistics lesson.

Neugierde’ is the German translation for ‘curiosity,’ Oliver reminds me. It is a typical German phrase, constructed by fusing two words into one. ‘New’ and ‘Craving.’ Craving the New.

Yes, Neugierde is curiosity on steroids.

We can learn all sorts of skills and techniques, Oliver elaborates, but this is what any great conversation ultimately boils down to. Craving the new.

Whoa, what powerful intent, I thought to myself. Not mildly curious. Not politely interested. Not kinda, sorta intrigued. No. Boldly craving the new.

Shut up. Ask a question. Crave the new.

Listen. Really listen. Crave the new.

Imagine entering every business conversation with Neugierde. Imagine being hyper-curious. Imagine the energy this super-charged intent will bring to every social encounter you have.

Venture beyond mundane curiosity. Choose constant craving. Show up on mental steroids. Every conversation, every day.

This week, remember Neugierde.

Before you enter a meeting, before you answer a phone call, before you talk to anyone. Decide. Refresh the thought in your mind. Neugierde. Intent is free. But we need to choose it.

Then notice how your constant craving fires up every conversation you have.