Choose your Aesthetics. They Matter.

“I’m not an aesthetics guy,” Brian Murphy says as we start a skype call.

Brian’s the VP of a Manufacturing Company. He makes this observation because I just noted the motivational poster that hangs on the wall behind him. Brian proceeds to tell me about the moment when Phyllis, the head of HR, first dropped in to visit his new office. “She didn’t say anything,” Brian chuckles, “but I could tell by the frown on her face that I better do something with this space.”

Good move, I think to myself. Up the poster went. It is pleasing to the eye. The message is dear to Brian. More importantly, the poster radiates provocative energy.

An hour later I run into my friend Gene in the check-out line at Office Max. He is holding two picture frames. “Wow, these are nice,” I say to Gene. “Yes,” he explains. “We’re having the annual awards luncheon for the Historical Society, and these will hold the award certificates.” Gene is proud that each frame cost only 10 dollars. “But they are real wood, and I like the silver trim on the inside edge.”

Yes, I think to myself. Gene got it right. Aesthetics matter. The picture frames look lustrous. They say “I care!”

A space has energy. Objects have energy. A space and the objects within it will energize us, or they will rob us of energy. Take a peek at the aesthetics of your main work area and consider the following questions:

  1. Do the aesthetics in my work space energize me?

  2. Do the aesthetics in my work space positively impact the energy of those who enter this space?

Action for the week: If your answer to these questions is not an unequivocal YES, change one or two small things in your office. Notice how your energy instantly shifts!