Because I Want To…

Hopped into my car last Wednesday and headed across Alligator Alley to Naples, on the West Coast of Florida.

6 of us gathered to break bread and kick around some ideas. Ted Coine, Suzanne Daigle, Shawn Murphy, Susan Mazza, Mark Babbitt. And me. Cherished business colleagues. Becoming friends.

This is the important part.

We came together because we wanted to. No other reason.

This was not a business obligation. Not a professional conference. Not a networking event. Nobody was looking to cut a deal. It was not a mandatory anything …

Ted, Suzanne, Shawn, Susan and Mark are part of my social media tribe. Cool people with fire in their bellies and some bold ideas.

We got together because we wanted to. For some of my compatriots it meant traveling pretty far.

Conversation crackled with energy. Words tumbled upon words. The spirit was at times raucous, at times misty-eyed. We talked business and leadership and creating better places to work. And throughout, energy kept spiraling all around the table.

This is the energy that shows up when we toss “obligation thinking.”

I am a great believer in mental switching.

Here’s our mental-switching-opportunity.

In daily work, we attend event after event because WE HAVE TO. The business dinner is an obligation. The meeting is mandatory. So is the fundraiser…

And yes, there will be people there who annoy you. Your brain may be fried. You may feel friggin’ tired.

Got it.

Make the switch.

Go because you want to, not because you have to.

Even when you have to, decide you want to.

Even when it seems impossible, make the switch.

Just decide.

And watch the energy shift.