Be Your Own Chief Energy Officer

Holiday time.

Amid the social frenzy, family rituals and religious celebration, we stumble into the occasional moment when we reflect.

On the year that passed.

We tend to focus on the outliers. High points, low points. Accomplishments, challenges.

But how about looking back and asking an entirely different question.

What energized me this year?

My definition of energize: I feel more stimulated when I do it. More stirred. More alive. More wholly engaged. Mind, body, spirit. All of me.

Some things that have energized me this year, in random order:

Exercise. Swimming. Clients that teach me and keep me on my toes.

Intimate gatherings with people I love. Dinners with people who have just shown up in my life and stimulate the heck out of me. Reading a book that sweeps me away. Meditation.Travel to places where I have never been – Amsterdam, Cuba, Turks and Caicos. Exceptional sushi. Great smoothies. Frequent ocean dips. Driving with the convertible top down. All of my writing stuff. Rest.

I’m an energy hedonist. Energized feels good. Energy begets more energy. It is infectious. And it expands my experience of myself and the world around me

Here is why I jot these behaviors down.

If these are activities that energize me, why not do more of them?

I’m not enamored with the psychological assessments that are the rage in corporate America. But in my firm, we use a tool called Strengthscope that I rather love. When you take the Strengthscope assessment you end up with a menu of behaviors and activities that energize you.

And the simple question.

If these activities energize you, what would happen if you did more of them?

One look at my list, and I instantly spot the activities I would like to do more of.

Here’s how YOU become your own Chief Energy Officer.

We cannot be an effective Chief Energy Officer if we don’t recognize what energizes us. That’s where it begins.

  1. Know what energizes you.

  2. Choose to do more of it.

Not because it’s “good for you.” Not because it’s something you “should” do.  No, simply because it energizes you.

Know it. Name it. Do more of it.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

This is my holiday invitation to you. Be your own Chief Energy Officer in 2015. Do more of what energizes you. Do it without any sense of obligation. And reap the energizing rewards.