Appreciation on Steroids

People help us all the time.

They help us in entirely unexpected ways. Little ways, big ways. Tangible, intangible ways.

They help us with a fleeting comment. A kind smile. A word of encouragement. A referral. An unexpected action on our behalf.

They help us in ways they never know. They don’t know because we do not let them know.

 Let them know.


 For example:

  1. Instead of Thank you for your phone call this morning, how about your phone call really helped me to see this situation in whole new light.

  2. Instead of Thank you for you for introducing me to Jean, how about your introduction to Jean helped me to meet a brilliant new circle of colleagues.    

  3. Instead of Thank you for getting this report done so quickly, how about your quick work with this report helped me to dig into the creative work I so love.


What an exquisite phrase.  

It explicitly states that you have had an impact on me. A good one.  

It’s a supreme relationship-enhancing phrase. Everyone wants to help. Even people who don’t know how to help, deep in the hidden caverns of their heart, long to help.  


 This simple phrase is a sub-category of appreciation. It is appreciation on steroids.  

 YOU HAVE HELPED ME plays to our deepest desires. To everyone’s highest good.  

 And because it is specific, it instantly transcends platitudes and clichés.  

 It uplifts a relationship. Any relationship.  

 Now who wouldn’t want that?

This week, be mindful of the things your colleagues and friends do to that make your life a little better. That buoy your spirits. That invoke a fresh insight. That create a new opportunity.

Do not stay silent. Do not merely thank them. Switch to YOU HAVE HELPED ME.

In that moment, you have uplifted a relationship.

Pretty cool.