Allow Meaning and Purpose to Ground You Deeply

I read this morning during my meditation, "We are no longer overly dependent on the state of our feelings. Our sense of meaning and purpose* has stronger, deeper roots." (by Brian O’Leary SJ) The image that came to me was a large thick oak tree with large branches, full of leaves. This large tree sways in the wind. Even when the wind fiercely blows in a storm and the sway seems violent, it is the deep roots that hold the thick large tree steady in place, preventing it from being taken away.

As a leader we guide our company through the winds of change, and we must maintain our steadiness. It is only by having a deep sense of meaning and purpose that we are able to trust more deeply rather than be left to the mercy of our emotions. Meaning and purpose comes from having a strong vision. This puts the immediate experience of the winds into perspective, keeps us calmer, and rooted. *meaning and purpose was substituted.