Meet the Team

Linda Carole


Zachary Minor

Jose Rego

Stephanie Ventura

Dr. RB Hernandez

Exceptional audience connector; Helps others to push beyond their limits; a Salsa Soul Queen who carries both the New York State of Mind under the swaying Carribean Palm Trees.

Performance Coach; Actor; Activist for personal empowerment of athletes; Mantra: Choices, Decisions, and Consequences.

A key player in the new era of human development; Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Coach; always searching for the infinite potentiality residing within each and every leader.

Relationship Manager extraordinaire; Ringleader; A face and a force for Influens, A Colombian tech wizard!

Jungian-oriented Psychologist, Focused on developing Ego-Self-Axis-related leadership; International Key-note Speaker; Galician-Cuban-American Soul carried within; Trilingual.